Zero Risk Payment Processing

It's time to take back control of your payment processing and stop people running away with your funds. Flexipay allows you to process with zero chargebacks guaranteed, no rolling reserve and instant direct settlement.

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Zero Chargebacks - Guaranteed!

All required KYC compliance is done to ensure that all chargebacks are successfully challenged and won. If in the unlikely event that they are not, Flexipay will never forward these onto merchants.

No Rolling Reserve

Unlike many other payment processors, Flexipay always settle funds directly after each and every transaction takes place and never hold any rolling reserve.

Instant direct settlement

With the Flexipay gateway, you get settled straight away after each transaction into your desired BTC wallet address to ensure that you have direct instant access to your processing funds.

What is FlexiPay

FlexiPay is a payment gateway that allows merchants to connect their existing payment gateway with us, which will enable their clients to fund their accounts via an array of payments methods. Merchants can take advantage of this with absolutely zero risk of chargebacks, no rolling reserves and instant BTC settlements or EUR.

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Example Customer Credit/Debit Card Journey

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